Online Consultations

Do you have difficulties getting to a clinic or just prefer the idea of an online Nutritionist consultation in the comfort of your own home? Join me! For a complete health assessment, suitable meal plan & health monitoring.

How to book your consultations

Do not hesitate to talk to us and benefit from our services that can change your life. Simply purchase one of the consultation packages and book your appointment. Kindly fill the attached form and get connected to start a meaningful journey.

Consultation session: 20 minutes

Single Consultation

If you want to get some general advice around healthy eating lifestyle this consultation is for you.

  • Free diet plan
  • 20 minutes WhatsApp call
  • BMI Calculation
  • One free healthy recipe

Super Diet Plan (3 months consultancy)

This will comprise on in-depth nutritional assessment and working on a personalized meal plan with you.

  • 1 hour per day message support
  • Guidance for innovative recipes
  • Complete customized exercises
  • Free 3 diet plans
  • In-depth analysis of your current state of health

Naturalism Diet Plan (3 months consultancy)

This plan is specially designed for the people who are obese with different medical conditions or for those who have any disability.

    • Free nutraceutical products
    • 1 hour per day message support
    • Guidance for innovative recipes
    • Free 3 diet plans
    • In-depth analysis of your current state of health

Workshops, Seminars and Training

We conduct nutrition Seminars, Workshops and Trainings planned to meet the unique needs and interests of any age group.

Below mentioned workshop series will guide participants to improve their diets and live healthier lives. Our experts can help them to achieve better food habits and practices that matches their health goals and lifestyle demands. We are also open to customize the seminars on burning topics from our respectable clients on the area of their interest; despite of any age group.

General Workshops

Meal Planning 1-2-3

This workshop focuses on the essentials of eating well. Learn to calculate how energy levels will be optimized to feel healthy and strong and how one can think more clearly and handle stress better in daily routine.

Thoughtful Eating

Yes, we help you to improve your relationship with food. Learn the techniques how to shift the balance of eating for nutrition and pleasure in your favor.

Budget-friendly Meal Planning.

Meal planning is great for saving time, but, ideally, it should save you money, too. This workshop builds on basic meal planning principles. Learn how to plan healthy, balanced meals at affordable prices.

Stocking a Healthy Kitchen

A well-stocked pantry is the best way to ensure you’ll have everything you need to make a healthy and flavorful meals, even on the busiest weeks when stopping at the grocery store just isn’t realistic. Learn the tips and tricks to shop smart and save in our specifically designed workshop.

Advanced Meal Planning

Plan for yourself or plan for your family.  Learn how to plan you healthy meals and decide what to eat each day and in each meal. It doesn’t really matter what you plan, as long as you thought about it. Recommendations for meal timing, dining out, and convenience foods will also be addressed.

Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness programs are intended to promote more productive and constructive employee behaviors within a company or organization. Workplace wellness policies contribute to the emotional, mental, and physical wellness of the workers. The benefits that can attain are:  
  • Guide employees about the nutrition value of food they consume
  • Makes employees responsible for their lifestyle choices
  • Educates employees about hazards and other wellness opportunities
  • Promotes workforce productivity
  • One-on-one nutritional guidance

Kids Eat Healthy Workshop

Exposing young children to healthy whole and nutrient dense foods, with a fruit and vegetable emphasis, will encourage them to adopt healthy eating habits early in life. This foundation will make it more likely that they carry these good habits into adulthood. Children require several things to help them grow into healthy adults, including exercise, sleep and proper nutrition. The aim behind this workshop is to ensure the information is taught clearly to make sure the main concepts are understood and so, it is designed on the interactive session with parents.

Trainings for Health Professionals

With the increased awareness of the importance of healthy eating and the rising incidence of metabolic disease, the demand for nutrition professionals is at an all-time high. Now, attention has turned toward the healthcare professionals who serve a key role in promoting healthy eating. Health professionals, including nutritionists and nurses, encounter nutrition issues every day. Nutrition is important in the care of obese people, critically ill patients, people with eating disorders, people with food allergies, and a wide range of other clinical problems. We provide certificates to individuals who train with us in this capacity.

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